a SHINee icontest!

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{ a shinee icontest ★
the SHINee World :P
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Hi and welcome to shineeicontest, an icontest focused around the Korean group called SHINee. c: ♥

Monday - End of voting @ 2:00 PM. Winners are announced soon afterward. A new theme shall be announced as well!
Wednesday - A reminder will be posted.
Saturday - End of submissions for that week's theme @ 11:30 PM US Central Time. Here's a handy dandy time converter if you need help figuring when that is where you live. 8D A voting post will soon follow.

• You are allowed to submit up to 3 icons per theme.
• You can only enter your own icons.
• You cannot reuse old icons.
• Please upload your icons to either Tinypic or Imageshack.
• Do not post the icons anywhere else until voting ends!
• Please do not vote for yourself.
• And please do not tell people to vote for your icon specifically.
rickasaurus - In charge of voting, reminders, and other mod posts.
injoong - In charge of posting the weekly theme and winners.

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Back up: rickasaurus

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